Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Possum Kingdom

Finished my last big job today. Saw some interesting things on the way, but I'll have to go back for pics. Planning a weekend bicycle camping trip out here soon, so I guess it will have to be then.

Loaded up and ready for work and play... Bikes and tools!

THE BAKER HOTEL in Mineral Wells, seen on the way to PK or anytime you go into Mineral Wells. I hear this place is haunted, but I don't buy it. It's old, abandoned and creepy looking from the pics I've seen of the inside recently. I also hear that you could still possibly tour this place... interesting!

Got to the lake, finally... great views out there. Got the misting system done today. I had to paint the pipes and the valve that I put in, but I got to do it on a raft on the side of the boat house. I like marine plumbing more than I had imagined. That paint won't last 6 months, but it was worth it.

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