Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ghost Busting

So... I ate a Ghost Chile Burger. Not as bad as I expected, but terrible nonetheless. And painful. Twice. Glad to say I've done it and have to admit, I'll probably do it again... but not for a while. If you want to try the heat, head down to Hideout Burgers in Mansfield, TX. Sign a waiver, pay the lady at the counter and yer on the way to hell in yer mouth. Finish the whole thing, and you too can be on the Wall Of Flame! There were only two others on the WoF when I got there, so I was kinda worried. Turns out, they use a disposable film camera to take the pics and don't get them developed very often. I should be up there soon with the other 23 folks on the roll of film. Following video was shot by my buddy Stubby while he watched and laughed, and edited by Jeff "MoFoCo" Wood. FIRE!!!

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